Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Did Dr. Fauci Resign?

Did Dr.Fauci Resign?

Speculation is that Dr Fauci has resigned from the COVID 19 task force.

"I have done everything I could to try to save the lives of my fellow Americans, an endeavor I have dedicated my professional life to.  But I can no longer ignore the fact that this task force is having the exact opposite effect.  Some will say that this has to do with the White House's recent attempts to discredit me, but this in untrue.  Have I made mistakes?  I have.  In my position, there are times I have to make judgement calls based on available information.  By way of example, We did not, as a scientific community, realize how vital masks were or how transmittable the COVID-19 virus truly is until late February/early March.  But I have continued to provide the American people with the  - best information available at the time. ....  The full story on The White House Insider - Dr Fauci Resigns From COVID 19 Task Force

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