Thursday, 11 June 2020

Trump regrets.

Donald Trump is officially losing the plot.

Well he has been for some time now, but now more and more people are seeing it. 

People are taking to social media to share their disgust at voting for Donald Trump and how they regret it.

This is losing him a lot of the previous Go Trumpers.

With Trumps poor handling of the Coronavirus pandemic and now with the protests, riots and general unsettling of the country, he is losing more and more followers by the day.

Donald Trump has also been strongly linked to the Epstein case in the sexual abuse of underage girls.

His hopes for staying in the White House are looking dimmer.  Which is a good thing.

Trump is not a man who is capable of dealing with such turmoil. Instead he is acting like a school boy bully causing trouble in the playground, except this is on a much bigger and more dangerous scale.

Here's a look at what some Twitter users are saying:

Are you a Trump regreter?