Sunday, 14 June 2020

Put Your Hands Up If .....

There's a lot going on in the world right now that are highlighting the amount of racism, and general judgment of others that people still participate in.

I'm by no means perfect, but I do try my best and be considerate of others without judgement.

So here I ask you some questions that I want you to really think about.

I already know the answer to every single one of these questions however it is food for though for some people.

So I would like you to put your hands up to the following if the answer to the question is yes.

  1. Did you personally choose the color of your eyes when you were born?
  2. Did you personally choose where you were born?
  3. Did you Personally choose your gender when you were born?
  4. Did you personally choose your sexual preference when you were born?
  5. Did you personally choose if you were born with any illnesses or disabilities?
  6. Did you personally choose the color of your own hair when you were born?
  7. Did you personally choose the color of your skin?

Having answered no to everyone of those questions, or kept your hand by your side because I guarantee that nobody was honestly able to answer yes to a single one of those questions, try to think about what that means.

Who you are as a person.

Do people judge you and portray hatred towards you because you weren't born the same way they were?

Do you judge people because they weren't born the same way you were?

There are a lot of questions we have to ask ourselves at the moment and really look at the reasons why we, as a society, judge people.

A lot of the reasons for this fall on our media and governments. The stories they tell and people eating these stories up without looking at the bigger picture as a whole. There are always two sides to every story, and if you believe one without looking into the other side of the story, than more fool you.

So I ask you to spread the word and ask others to #putyourhandsupif  and see how many people can sit back and look at who they are and the judgement they make towards others without really thinking about what they are doing.

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