Sunday, 21 June 2020

Covid-19 MAY not directly kill you BUT.....

Many people seem to be under the assumption that the stats for Covid-19 deaths are fudged because EVERY death is being blamed on the coronavirus - Covid-19.

This may be true for some, but what a lot of people are not realizing or understanding are the effects that Covid-19 has on the organs in your body and the after effects of Covid-19.

Your friends, friend of a friend may have had a heart attack and  the Dr. put the death due to Covid-19, so you start to believe that everything is being blamed on this virus.  You may believe it was a heart attack that killed him/her.  But what brought the heart attack on.  In many cases people are dying because of what Covid-19 does to the organs and one of those organs is the heart - and a heart attack occurs. One that most likely would not have happened if the said person hadn't been infected with the coronavirus in the first place.

'We think of Covid-19 as a respiratory virus – one that simply attacks the lungs

But scientists are now wondering if it is much more than that, with a stream of medical papers being published over the last few weeks which suggests the contagion can get deep into our vascular system and even our brains.  

“We are seeing a range of illness; some people develop blood clots, others heart attacks or kidney failure,” said Prof Ajay Shah, BHF Professor and consultant cardiologist at King's College Hospital, London.' - 


With this in mind, take a step back and understand that even if it doesn't kill you, you could pass it on to somebody that it does kill because you believe that it isn't all that bad.

Yes, some of the figures may not be completely true, but when somebody has heart failure because they caught the virus ask yourself whether they would have had the heart failure otherwise.......and whether you should be taking just a few small measures to prevent others getting it