Monday, 15 June 2020

Black Lives Matter Activist Oluwatoyin Salau Found Dead; Protests Expected To Explode

This was Oluwatoyin Salau.  She was an prominent activist in the black lives matter movement.

She is dead.

She was a focal point of her local protests last week.  

Just before she marched, just before she made her voice heard.... she was raped.

And then she was murdered.

Another fallen soldier.

Say her name.

Do not, as so many do, forget with the next news cycle.  She was not just another victim.  She was just 19 years old.

The next time you ask yourself what the revolution we are witnessing is about.... say her name.


And George Floyd.

And Robert Feller.  And Malcolm Harsh.  You probably don't know who they were; two black men hung from trees by a white conservative militia group this last week.

Conservative Militia Group Takes Credit For 2 Black Men Hung From Trees In California

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Say their names.  Do Not Forget.  Do not let the world forget.

From USA Today 2 Days Ago:

In the hours before Oluwatoyin Salau went missing, she tweeted she had just been sexually assaulted.
Salau, a 19-year-old Black Lives Matter protester, was last seen June 6 in Tallahassee, according to the Tallahassee Police Department. Police and her fellow demonstrators are still searching for her.
The afternoon she went missing, Salau tweeted a man molested her that morning. She said the man offered to give her a ride back to a church where she had sought "refuge" because of "unjust living conditions."
"He came disguised as a man of God and ended up picking me up from nearby Saxon Street," she tweeted. "I trusted the holy spirit to keep me safe."
Salau said she called police after the assault happened. She did not specify the church where she had been staying.
Several people replied to her on Twitter offering help and asking whether she was OK. She never responded and hasn't tweeted since.
Sadly, this story has an even more tragic ending. as Oluwatoyin Salau was found murdered early Monday morning.  The Twitter world has erupted with prayers and tributes to yet another fallen soldier in the Black Lives Matter Revolution.

Conservative Militia Group Takes Credit For 2 Black Men Hung From Trees

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