Monday, 11 May 2020

What the rest of the world sees when looking at America and Donald Trump.

Sometimes, I'm not sure whether I'm watching a weird parody when I watch Trump during his obsurd and somewhat comical speeches.

This guy is president of America. A country that is supposed to be the capital of the world. Who others look up to.

Well at the moment I'm afraid president Donald Trump is making a mockery of America.

Trump storms out of news conferences as soon as anybody calls him out. Does he not have the mental capacity to give reasonable answers to these questions as any normal and respectable president should.

Is this really who you wanted as president? Who you might vote for again??

Donald Trumps current ramblings include him comparing the success of the current coronavirus situation like it is a competition. Like 80,000+ deaths in America to date from Covid 19 is something to celebrate. 

Take a step back and think about how many people that actually is. Not something to be proud of really is it? 

The rest of the world are certainly not looking at America as an inspiration or role model. In fact they are laughing, and laughing hard at this clown who you are allowing to run as president of your country.