Thursday, 21 May 2020

Trump states Coronavirus is a badge of honor.

Donald Trump has done it again.  It's pretty much a daily occurrence now. What Trumpism will we hear today?

Well today, Donald Trump stated that the number of coronavirus cases in America is like having a badge of honor.
 Forgive me, but in what scenario is having so many people with the coronavirus a badge of honor. At what point is that a celebratory thing?

I understand the whole herd system thing that Trump is doing, although trying to be less obvious about it.  Donald, I'm afraid a lot of us can see straight through your childish, playground like lies and diversions!

Conducting the most tests in the world for coronavirus is far from stating that it is like a badge of honor. However if you look at the stats and tests per million, America is not leading the way.

They aren't leading the way with a lot of things any more.

 Donald Trump made the statement about making America great again.  In fact he has done the complete opposite.  Looking back now, America was great. Now it most certainly is not and as long as the people of America allow this incompetent man to be president, the longer the rest of the world will laugh and America will continue to fall.

Stop letting a man child run your country.