Saturday, 16 May 2020

The Worst Tattoos Of All Time

The Worst Tattoos Of All Time

Ever wanted to get a tattoo and you've been stuck for ideas?

Well here are a collection of some of the worst tattoos of all time. Tattoos not to get!

An onion tattooed on her armpit. Why just why?

Good if you want to play checkers on his face I suppose.

Checkerboard face tattoo.

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Would you take this guy home to see your parents?
A man with pussy eater tattooed on his face like a mustache!

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No Regrets or No Regerts?
If you are having wording on your tattoo make sure you check the spelling first.

Bad Tattoos: The Funniest Bad Tattoos Ever Seen

Has this man lost the ability to grow facial hair?

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Directions of where to put your boobs - just in case you didn't know!

37 Reasons Tattoos Shouldn't Be Permanent

Erm... ?  I'm not sure what to say about this tattoo other than I think it's possibly the worst one I have ever seen.

25 Worst And Dumbest Tattoos