Saturday, 2 May 2020

The biggest conspiracy theory on FLAT earth.. ..part 1

There are hundreds of conspiracy theories. Some turn out to be true. A lot are still being questioned today.

The biggest conspiracy of all though seems to be the flat earth theory. The number of people who believe the earth is not actually a globe, but flat is increasing. This must mean that flat earthers must have some very damming evidence. Right?

Let's take a look at what evidence has been uncovered to prove the earth is in face flat.

Flat earth evidence: ????

"The horizon is not curved" .   This isn't evidence since you are looking at it from earth. Go a little bit higher and you will find thousands if not millions of photos of a curved horizon. Are you really suggesting these are ALL fake? Provide actual photos of this flat horizon from a sufficient height and you may convince us.

I can't find any 'evidence'.

Questions for flat earthers:

Where do meteor craters come from?

What exactly is the 'glass dome' over the flat earth made of?

Where are all these pilots that state the earth is flat.. They are the ones who are up there daily. Surely we would have photographic evidence from these pilots by now with all the modern technology available.

Explain a solar eclipse based on how flat earthers describe how the sun and moon rotate.

If gravity isn't real, how do we stay on the earth? What is it that is keeping us from floating away within this dome?

What are compasses and how do they work as if the earth was flat, they wouldn't work.

Please explain why we only have paintings and photo shopped pictures of flat earth such as the one below and not actual photos.

Are the other known planets also flat?

What shape is the moon?

What is it that makes you think that millions of people over thousands of years are trying to achieve by proving the earth is a globe. What sinister reason is behind this?

A few statistics regarding flat earthers...

Most flat earthers are religious.

Almost 3/4 of flat earthers are men.

To be continued.......