Tuesday, 19 May 2020

StepBet App - Earn money walking. A review and earnings proof

StepBet is a mobile app that encourages you to walk and you can also earn money doing so!

I joined StepBet a few months ago and I was reluctant to actually place a 'bet' at first as I saw it as a form of gambling. However after researching and looking into the validity of this app I decided I wanted to place by first bet.  Why? Because my 'bet' is completely in my control as to whether I win or not. The odds are high as long as my motivation to get my money back is.

  • As long as I reach my goals, I will at the very least get my money back that I bet on MYSELF. I am in control.

Stepbet creates different games to play in which you can join for a set fee and a set time-frame.  Most are 6 weeks long and are $40 to participate. However there are some games that are shorter and cost less to join. My first 2 were only 2 weeks each and cost $10 per game, of which I was guaranteed to get back as long as I completed the steps set out for me within the time frame given.                                   

Below is a screenshot of my first StepBet earnings.  2 bets, both $10 each.  

I made a total of $6.90 from my first 2 bets.  That's a return of 34.5% from my first 2 StepBets..   This is a great incentive to walk more.

I haven't requested a cashout yet as I am waiting to finish my current games. I currently have 2 games ongoing, both are 6 weeks games and both were $40.  They have slightly different challenges though. 
Points can be used towards news games if you do not want to cash out. 

One has 2 rest days per week. The other gives you goals which instead of achieving on a week by week basis you can play it however you like as long as by the end of the 6 weeks you complete the target days given. Known as Flex StepBet.

So far I am loving StepBet and it is well worth downloading and using.  I will update this post as I progress with my personal StepBet goals.


My 3rd StepBet challenge 6 weeks. March 30th to May 10th. Completed. $40 bet. Winnings will be added shortly. 


What fitness trackers can be used with StepBet?

Stepbet number 3 - March 30th 2020 - May 10th 2020 (Covid-19)  Bet was $40.  I won $6.59.  The best was completed on a Sunday and I recieved my payout into my Paypal account on Tuesday 12th May 2020. No problems.   Winnings are paid in points and you can either use them to play another game or cash them out. 1 point = $1. 

See payment Stepbet payment proof below.
    Stepbet payment proof - 12th May 2020

    My Stepbet earnings so far.

     I am paying for membership so that I can participate in up to 3 games at a time and StepBet do not take a 15% cut from the winnings. This costs me $6.99 per month. 

    Total winnings so far: 26.70
    Membership fees to date: $13.98 ($6.99 per month)
    Total earnings: $12.72

    1. 3 week non member bet.  Start March 16 2020 - StepBet #1 - Bet $10 - Won - $4.74 (+ $10 initial bet ) 
    2.  2 week member bet. Start March 23 2020 - StepBet #2 - Bet $10 - Won - $2.16 ( + $10 initial bet) 
    3. 6 week member bet. Start March 30 2020 - StepBet #3 - Bet $40 - Won - $6.59 ( + $40 initial bet)
    4. 6 week member bet. Start April 6 2020 - Stepbet # 4 - Bet $40 - Won - $7.34 (+ $40 initial bet)
    5. 6 week member betStart April 6 2020 - StepBet #5 - Bet $40 - Won - $5.87 (+$40 initial bet)
    6. 2 week member bet. Start May 11 2020 - Stepbet #6 - Bet $10 - in progress