Sunday, 3 May 2020

2020 College Football Early Preseason Power Rankings

2020 College Football Early Preseason Power Rankings

I know what you're thinking.  Same thing I would be if I found this.  It's not even May yet!  Way too damn early for a CFB anything.

But... COVID-19.  Like everyone else, I'm stuck at home with my kids.  Shortly after this all started, we started watching old football games on Youtube.  One such game... no idea how we ended up on it... last year Akron vs. Miami.  I'm pretty sure none of us... myself or my 3 teenage sons, had never actually watched either of these teams.  My youngest pointed out that Akron is the worst team in the Power Rankings every week.
Akron lost, but it went down to the wire.  And by the end of the game, you;d have thought we were watching Rudy. We had hit the boredom point where we were watching bullsh*t, so on a whim we watched every Akron game from last year.

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