Sunday, 19 April 2020

Wuhan: Broken seal found on unit in lab containing bat coronavirus

Wuhan: Broken seal found on unit in lab containing bat coronavirus.

Disturbing news has emerged that the units containing over 1500 virus strains in a lab in Wuhan, China was unkempt and had  a broken seal on the door.  This unit was the one suspected of containing the virus that has caused the current pandemic - COVID-19.

Governments have already stated that they believe the coronavirus may have started due to a leak from one of the labs in Wuhan which was storing the deadly virus.

Wuhan Institute of Virology , where is is believed that the coronavirus emerged from had been carrying out experiments on bats and may be the source of the virus.

The research done in these labs testing bats is due to knowing that bats have been the source of previous coronaviruses and research was needed in order to prevent further outbreaks. However the lack of maintenance on the units in the labs and updating equipment may be why we are now in the middle of a global pandemic where thousands of people are dying on a daily basis.

Along with this current news, it is also strongly believed that China are not declaring the real number of fatalities that the country has suffered.