Friday, 3 April 2020

Trump 3:16

It's a Trump new world.  If you had any doubts, the last few weeks should have put them away for good.

What have we learned?  That the most powerful position in the world is just that.  Checks and balances?  Please.  We now know they are far more suggestion than law.  We no longer live in a Nation of laws.  We live in a nation now built on a perpetual competition for majority vote.  Not for the people, but for the power hungry reality stars in Washington.

The president of the United States is, in fact a king.  Donald Trump was absolutely correct when he said that he could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue and not lose any support.  Sure, the Democrats in the House would impeach him.  And it would be the same partisan farce the first one was.  And then the Senate, in an equally predetermined farce, would acquit him.

Donald Trump is a man unleashed.  There are no rules.  There is no accountability.  Just ask him!  Here is what our President Tweeted himself:

“Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee the lesson of the Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump. ‘When you strike at the King, Emerson famously said, “you must kill him.’ Mr. Trump’s foes struck at him but did not take him down. A triumphant Mr.Trump emerges from the biggest test of his presidency emboldened, ready to claim exoneration, and take his case of grievance, persecution and resentment to the campaign trail.” Peter Baker @nytimes the Greatest Witch Hunt In American History!

Small note:  the original text states "A king"  Trump changed it to "The King".  And that tells us everything we need to know at this point.

It would certainly seem that he's playing the role since the Senate acquired him, wouldn't it?  Tossing those who testified against him to the side.  Blatantly interfering with the DOJ's prosecution of his friends.  And utterly unapologetic through it all.  And why shouldn't he be?  Trump is running the show!  He is, without question, untouchable.

It amuses me to listen to the "News Outlets".... CNN, MSNBC, yes, even Fox News.... continuously offer up their opinions on a half our loop 24 hours a day.  It makes for good sound bytes, and damn sure sells commercials, but in reality, it's 100% irrelevant.  All they are at this point is play by play commentary.  Fox will make excuses and the Liberal networks will whine.

But.... as I said.... It's a Trump new world.  Trump 3:16 means just that; Trump is the law.  Oh, the Democrats will try to stop him.  The Republicans will eventually try to rein him in.  And none of it will matter.  For at least the next 10 months, Godzilla is loose and there isn't a thing we can do about it.

And so here's where it gets fun.  As I read over what we've got so far, I realize that I have probably already incited some cries of "Never Trumper!"  In truth, I am a life long Republican.  Not even a moderate Republican, in fact.  I lean rather to the Right in most of my beliefs. I voted for Trump, and I would again.  I agree with most of his policy decisions, and I believe that the United States is a better place now than when he took over.    And, in a period of one paragraph, I'm sure I've convinced those liberals who stuck around after I dropped the "R" word that I am a slack jawed hillbilly Maga trucker hat wearing Trump devotee.  Have I offended everyone yet?

But here's a surprise.  Not all of us who voted for or support Donald Trump are as you see us.  And the reasons I did may surprise you.

At no point have I ever been disillusioned enough to believe in Donald Trump's character.  He is a lowlife.  If you believe otherwise, you are a fool.  Just weeks before the election we all listened in as he bragged about sexually assaulting women.  (Remember "Grab 'em by the *****"?)  He lies.  He lies today, he has lied continuously as president, and he lied as he campaigned.  Again, if you believe otherwise, you are a fool.  Remember his mantra while running?  "What are we gonna build?"  "A wall!"  "Who's gonna pay for it??" "MEXICO!"

If at any point you shouted along, or for one moment believed that Mexico was going to pay for that wall.... you guessed it.  You're a fool.  A fool with no knowledge of anything remotely geopolitical and too lazy to do even the most fundamental bit of research.  It sounded great and was fun at rallies, but the actual notion of Mexico paying for the wall was simply unrealistic and stupid.  Trump is not a fan of immigrants, but marries mail order brides.   Hates chain migration, but attended as Melania's parents did exactly that.  Trump is a Real Estate mogul and a reality star.  He is a sleaze.

So knowing all of that, and understanding it, how can I in good conscience say that I was right to vote for Trump?  The answer is all around us.  We no longer live in a moral world, and America is not a moral country.  Oh, we like to think we are.  We run around saving the world, with democracy and bibles in tow.  But the truth is we are now a country built around excess.  A coountry built on sex and entertainment.  We are a lazy country.  We are becoming a nation of idiots who no longer think for ourselves.  As the lazy bastards we are, we pick a pet issue or two we believe in and tune in to the propaganda outlet of our choice to be told what else we believe.  You believe in keeping your guns?  Welcome to Fox News.  Sean Hannity and Judge Janine will list off for you how you feel about everything else.  You will be told that you hate Socialism, even though you probably have no idea what the word actually means.  You love Trump's tax cut, even though you have no idea what's in it or how it actually affects you.  Believe in abortion?  Welcome to the First United Church of CNN!  You believe Trump is the anti Christ, you support universal health care, and you will tune in to hear Wolf Blitzer's breaking news every time Trump farts.

And the Presidency itself?  If you still believe that the Presidency represents a moral compass.... back to that word.  Fool.  Bush lied to start a war, and we loved him.  Clinton got Lewinsky's in the Oval Office, and we loved him just so long as he kept eating McDonald's fries and playing his sax.  Americas's moral compass is no more.

And the truth is under this string of presidents, we have become apathetic.  The America we once were is no more.  And Donald Trump?  I believe he was exactly what we needed.  Because of his successes?  Hell, no.  It was because the man has failed at nearly everything he has done for his entire life.  He has literally lost billions upon billions of dollars.  To coin his own phrase.... he has failed "like nothing the world has ever seen before."

And yet.... until he ran for president, most of us had no idea.  He made himself a brand in spite of his failures.  Maintained his relevance.  And somehow, through all of those failures, has managed to keep finding ways to get people to invest ungodly amounts of money into him.  Donald Trump is, in short, the greatest hustler perhaps in the history of humanity.  And as such, I believed he was the perfectly imperfect man for a perfectly imperfect job in a perfectly imperfect world.

But when you make a deal with the devil, in the end you pay the devil's due.  Which we may be at the moment.  The day he was acquired, his kingdom was complete.  But he doesn't seen to be happy with that.  The firing of Vindman was a mistake.  And his brother?  That action left him no plausible deniability.  And the whole Roger Stone situation... come on.  Republicans are trying to do damage control, but it doesn't seem that anyone is buying William Barr's staged confrontation; not even conservatives.

Trump is doing what Trump has always done; taking things too far.  And that may, in the end, be the best thing for America.

He is forcing us to re-evaluate who and what we are.  If he continues on this path, he will hand the democrats the Oval office and possibly the senate.  And if you think for one moment Democrats won't force their agenda down our throat the same was Republicans have.... here comes that word again... fool.

Most people are far too busy tweeting and playing on their phones to realize it, but this is a pivotal moment in American history.  This is the point where we decide what kind of nation we are going to be in the age of information.  Our two party system was built on one fundamental point; compromise.  With the belief that with two opposing parties, the truth in America is usually found somewhere in between.  Now?  We find ourselves in the midst of a partisan civil war.  A war that more so everyday is embedded with hate.  Where once upon a time we as Americans respected one anthers beliefs... and our individual right to have them....  we now judge and hate each other for them.  We call names.

Somehow we all need to remember that we are all Americans.  "United we stand, Divided we fall."  Those aren't just words.  Take a look around; we are sinking into a reality where we are proving the second half of that statement.  As we speak, forces around us are attacking.  The Russian, the Chinese, The Iranians.  Working together to bring us down.  Not with guns and bombs, but with disinformation.  They are ripping us to pieces from the inside out, and the weapons they are using... is us.

What can we do?  We can think.  We can educate ourselves.  Stop sucking down propaganda from whichever side you receive it.  Explore.  Understand.  Research.  Think for yourself.  Party lines were created by politicians, not by the people.  Just because you believe one thing does not mean you are obligated to believe others.  They are not tied together.  You are not unpatriotic if you support one decision the president.... or any other politician.... makes, but not another.  This is the United States of America.  Many people have fought and died for our right to believe what we choose.  We are not sheep.  We are not obligated to be followers.  It is not our job to support these elected officials.  They work for us;  it is they who are obligated.  It is they who are obligated to us.  This is a representative democracy.  They speak on our behalf;  they do not speak for us.  America needed to be shaken up.  And there is more shaking up to do.   For ten more months, we live the world of Trump 3;16.  It's up to us to decide if that's the world we wanr to continue to live in.

So open your eyes.  Pay attention.  Make your choices... choose your beliefs... not based on what Sean Hannity and Chris Cuomo tell you to believe.... but on what you see and here.  This is the age of information.  Every fact... every truth... is out there.  Go find it.