Monday, 20 April 2020

Man chops of his own tongue as a sacrifice to stop COVID-19

Man chops of his own tongue as a sacrifice to stop COVID-19

Yes, you read it right!  A man in India has chopped off his own tongue in an offering to a deity to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Vivek Sharma, 24 from India cut off his tongue after becoming homesick during India's lockdown due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Vivek was found unconscious on the floor of the Nadeshwari temple. He was rushed to hospital where surgeons attempted to reattach his tongue.

It is believed that he cut his tongue off in a fit off rage due to becoming frustrated and was offering it as a sacrifice in the temple according to police who attended.

The lock down that most of us around the world are currently facing can cause mental health issues, especially if you have no to little contact with others.  Most of us are used to our freedom and it is certainly a trying time for those of us who choose to abide by the lock-down rules. 

It will certainly drive people to do some strange and maybe dangerous things, however there is help for people who are currently suffering.

A few of the available online mental health websites are below, however there are many more.