Wednesday, 29 April 2020

8D Music Technology. (Must use headphones)

8D Music Technology. (Must use headphones)

Have you heard of 8d technology?  I hadn't until today and it blew my mind. Literally.

Firstly make sure you have you're headphones on both ears.

Now listen to the below youtube clip.

Notice anything different?

Pretty cool right?

I'm going to be listening to a lot more of this from now on as it takes you to a whole new intimate, but surround sound.

For me, it felt like the music was bouncing around inside my head and coming from behind me, even though I had my headphones on.

''In short, 8D music is the name of the recording illusion, monoaural audio signals are recorded as a stereophonic (transmitted through more than one transmission) and then using binaural recording technique to provide full distance, depth and reality audio signals.'' - Interesting Mag

Find this cool? Share it with your friends and family. During lockdown, this would take you to a whole new place whilst in isolation.