Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Who are the Ten Most Popular YouTubers?

Who are the Ten Most Popular YouTubers?

YouTube is a great platform for everybody and anybody to get themselves out there and noticed.

Below are the Top Ten YouTubers.

Number 10.

With over 34 million subscribers is Fernanfloo.

Number 9.

With over 35 million subscribers we have Felipe Neto

Number 8.

ElrubiusOMG with over 36 million subscribers

Number 7.

With over 37 million subscribers we have Juega German

Number 6.

Over 37.7 million current subscribers is Whinderssonnunes

And now on to the Top Five Youtubers:

Number 5

At number we have Kids Diana Show

Number 4.

At number 4 with over 41 million subscribers is Like Nastya Vlog

Number 3.

Badabun is at number 3 with over 43 million subscribers.

Number 2.

Dude Perfect is at number 2 of the most popular Youtubers with over 47 million subscribers.

Number 1.

At number 1 we have PewDewPie with over 100 million YouTube subscribers!

These are correct at the time of publishing to the best of our knowledge.