Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Top Ten Funny Poop Related Items on Amazon

op Ten Poop Related Humor Items on Amazon 


Poop related humor items... who doesn't love them?

Here are the top ten poop related items on Amazon.

Number 1 - 
A Poop T Shirt. It's good to have a name for your poop consistency, right? 

Number 2 -  
poop shaped coffee mug.  Who wouldn't want to be drinking out of one of these!!

Number 3  - 
Do you know somebody who is full of Sh*t - maybe this poop hat would be perfect for them.

Number 4 - 
 Do you want to play a practical joke on somebody - fake poop!

Number 5 - 
Eating Poop shaped chocolate and candy. Why not!   Use these Poop Silicone molds to make your own.

Number 6 - 
Rubber ducks and Poop - Not something I would have personally put together but hey - here you have just that - 12 Poop Rubber Duckies.  I'd love to see those floating around in my bath!  😧

Number 7 - 
Of course - The perfect costume for any party - Poop.  What more can I say...

Number 8 - 
This will certainly make people look twice - writing with a piece of poop. How lovely!

Number 9 -  
A brilliant gag gift apparently - A Poop Knife!

Number 10 - 
This one is my favorite  - the Poop game. Throw poop at your family and friends.

That's it for the Top Ten Poop items found on Amazon, however there are plenty more.  Just go take a look for yourselves. ...  Poop