Saturday, 14 March 2020

Three U.S. Senators Quarantined With Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 coronavirus dominates headlines, a White House press release Saturday morning was almost lost in the shuffle.

Three United States Senators have tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.  One, Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt, has been hospitalized, and the other two, New Hampshire Democrats Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Chuck Shumer of New York, are now self quarantining in their respective homes.

Of the three, only Blunt has been outside of the United States in the last 30 days.  All three are in their 70's.

With a number of states shutting down interstate travel today, and rumors circulating that President Trump himself may have the virus, the quiet revaluation that 3 of the 100 senators are infected has the internet abuzz with "Designated Survivor" scenarios.