Saturday, 21 March 2020

The Coronapocalypse Cure

It's hard to know what to believe with regard to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  Like everything else in today's world, it has become so sensationalized that truth and facts are almost an afterthought.

The world seems to be split into two main camps; those who are completely overreacting:

And those on the other end of the spectrum:

So what are we supposed to do?  Where do we turn to answers?  The news networks?  Hardly.  CNN, MSNBC, and the left wing propaganda machine are reporting two things....


Fox News and the Right wing propagandists are no better;  a brief summary of their COVID-19 Coronavirus coverage:

Even Trump himself hasn't been much help:

Whether you support Trump or not, the fact is there are untold numbers of people who aren't taking this seriously because he didn't.

So what is the answer?

It's not hard, people.  It's really not.  Politics aside.... propaganda aside... we are both the problem here... and the solution.

The sky is not falling. Is this a crisis?  It is.  People are dying.  But the reality is there are simple steps we can all take, at least today, to keep ourselves safe.  We all need to take matters into our own hands.  My children and I have not fallen victim to this pandemic.  Why?  Because we are staying home.  I have left my house a grand total of twice in the last several weeks.  Once to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.  I drove.  I stayed in the car.  I used the drive thru.  Once to Wal Mart.  I wore a mask.  I carried a sanitizer in my pocket.  Every time I touched something, I sanitized.  I waited until a self check out aisle was open, put on a pair of plastic gloves I bought at my local Dollar Tree, and checked out.  I did not go within 8 feet of another person.  And then I went home.

Home, where I have spent the last several weeks spending time with my family.  Why in God's name are we all so afraid to stay home?  We live in a world that we have built to allow us to spend as much time on our couch as we can.  We aren't isolated; with the internet we can talk to whomever we want, when we want.

The government is not going to fix this today.  Or tomorrow.  They're too busy playing politics and selling their stocks to give two shits about each of us.  The solution here is simple.... We need to shut it down.

Not just in LA and Chicago and New York.  Everywhere.  If we shut it all down for a matter of weeks, this virus will have no place to go.  If every one of us stays home.... this will pass.  Yes, people will die.  Many are already sick.  But the simple truth is that the vast majority of them could have been prevented.

There are no more excuses.  We know enough now to prevent ourselves from catching this.  Yes, this will be a burden.  The government is going to send us all checks.  Will it be enough to save the day?  Not for all of us.  But it will keep us afloat.  Will some of us pay a financial price?  Yes.  But you know what carries a greater price?  Being dead.

Stay home.  Spend time with your families.  Binge watch Netflix.  If you need to go out, use your damn head.  Only do so if you must.  The only way the sky is falling is if we pull it down on ourselves.  Staying home is NOT a crisis.  It's not a tragedy.  Do you have any idea how many times I have wished I could just say to hell with the world and do exactly what they're telling us to do?

I'm going to go fire up my grill now.  It's a beautiful day, and I'm in the mood for brats.  Then I'm going to sit down on my couch and watch the new season of Dr. Who, which I haven't had time to do in quite a while.  After that, I'll play mine craft with my kid.  My woman and I will have a few drinks, maybe work on kid #5.  We can do that, because we don't have to get up to send the kids to school in the morning.  Tomorrow is another day off.  And you know what I won't do?  Catch or spread COVID-19.

Why are we all complaining here?  The solution is to stay at home and enjoy a vacation.  Are we really so lost that we think this is the sky falling?