Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Coolest Helmets You've Never Seen

So in the process of doing this blog, We've spent a good deal of time looking at helmets of the many football teams.  And we've learned that there are a lot of really cool helmet designs out there.  Many from the past, or from Division 2 and 3, or from other obscure places.  So we decided to share them with you.  Take a few minutes; you may find that Helmet design is far more of an art than you may have thought.  Leave a comment, tell us what you thought; If you find a cool one we missed we'll add it.

The first thing we saw was that there are an insane amount of copies out there.  For example, we all know what Michigan's helmet looked like.

What you may not know is that the Wolverines were the first team to use a specific helmet design.  So it stands to reason that there would be imitators.  And there are many.

Blackburn College (DIII), Saskatchewan College, St. Peters (defunct D1), Sna Bernadino C.C.

But the Wolverines aren't the only widely copied team.

Dana College (NAIA),  Long Beach C.C., Diablo County C.C., Hudson Valley C.C

All obvious copies of the Minnesota Vikings.

Most major teams have copies as you spread into the lower levels of organised football.

East Central C.C., East Mississippi C.C., Northeast Mississippi C.C., Lewis and Clark U, NAIA

There are also quite a few that are just slightly altered.

SE Oklahoma St. (D2), Wesley (D3)

But the really cool ones are the unique ones.  Here are our favorites.


We start with a look into the NFL's past.  Some of these still make guest appearances when the NFL busts out retro unis, but some have been lost to time.  Did you know, for example, that the Patriots used to look like this?

I do prefer this version, probably because it came before they won 30 damn Super Bowls.

Another team that once sported a very different look?  The Buccaneers.

Long ago, the redskins looked alot like Florida State.

And also sported this look in the 70s.

The Bungles began their history looking like this...

And the Broncos once used this.

The real fun begins now;  these are the truly original helmets from across the football spectrum, separated by the division/ leagues from which they came.  Unless you're a complete Football nerd, you won't have heard of most.  But see how many you can guess the team nickname.  Answers at the end.

Canadian Football League

Row 1: B.C.Lions, Calgary Stampeders
Row 2: Hamilton Tiger Cats, Montreal Allouettes
Row 3: Both Montreal Allouettes
Row 4: Both Ottawa Rough Riders
Row 5: Saskatchewan Rough Riders, Toronto Argonauts
Row 6: Las Vegas Posse, Memphis Mad Dogs

XFL 2020

Row 1: Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks
Row 2: Los Angeles Wildcats, New York Guardians
Row 3: St. Louis Battle Hawks, Seattle Dragons
Row 4: Tampa Bay Vipers, Washington Defenders

Arena Teams

Row 1: Baltimore Brigade, Carolina Cobras
Row 2: Cleveland Gladiators, Cleveland Thunderbolts
Row 3: Dallas Desperadoes, Dallas Vigilantes
Row 4: Grand Rapids Rampage, Iowa Barnstormers
Row 5: Las Vegas Outlaws, Las Angeles Avengers
Row 6: New Orleans Night, Memphis Pharaohs
Row 7: Portland Thunder, San Jose Sabrecats
Row 8: New York Cityhawks, Washington Commandos

Arena 2 Teams

Row 1: Baton Rough Blaze, New Haven Ninjas
Row 2: Roanoke Steam, Pensacola Barracudas
Row 3: Mobile Wizards, Charleston Swampfoxes
Row 4: Rochester Brigades, Hawaii Islanders
Row 5: San Diego Riptide, Wichita Stealth
Row 6: Birmingham Steel Dogs, Louisville Fire
Row 7: Peoria Pirates, Quad City Steamwheelers
Row 8: Central Valley Coyotes, Arkansas Twisters


Row 1:  Arizona Outlaws, Portland Breakers
Row 2: Houston Gamblers, Michigan Panthers

NCAA Div.1 (FBS)

These are all historical helmets; try to match them to their school.

Row 1:Cincinnati, East Carolina
Row 2: Memphis, Navy
Row 3: Temple, Tulane
Row 4: UCF, Duke
Row 5: Louisville, North Carolina
Row 6: Virginia Tech, Iowa State
Row 7: Oklahoma St, TCU
Row 8: Texas Tech, Marshall
Row 9: Middle Tennessee, Old Dominion
Row 10: Rice, UAB
Row 11: UTEP, Akron
Row 12: Eastern Michigan, Air Force
Row 13: Air Force, Boise St.
Row 14: Hawaii, Nevada
Row 15: Arizona St, Utah
Row 16: Ole Miss, Mississippi St.
Row 17: Missouri, South Carolina
Row 18: Vanderbilt, LA Lafayette
Row 19: Troy, UMass


Row 1: Campbell Fighting Camels, Gardner Webb Bulldogs
Row 2: James Madison Dukes, Maine Black Bears
Row 3: Richmond Spiders, Brown Bears
Row 4: Dartmouth Big Green, Bethune Cookman Wildcats
Row 5: Florida A&M Rattlers, Howard Bison
Row 6: Southern Illinois Salukis, Robert Morris Colonials
Row 7: Holy Cross Crusaders, Western Carolina Catamounts

Division 2

Row 1: NW Oklahoma St Rangers, Northwood Timberwolves
Row 2: Lindenwood Lions, Quincy Hawks
Row 3: Findlay Oilers, Tiffin Dragons
Row 4: North Greenville Crusaders, Valdosta State Blazers
Row 5:  Fort Hayes State Tigers, West Virginia Wesleyan Bobcats
Row 6: Lane Dragons, Virginia State Trojans

Division 3

Row 1: Maritime College Privateers, Worcester State Lancers
Row 2: Bowdoin Polar Bears, Tufts Jumbos
Row 3: Rose Hulman Engineers, Kalamazoo Hornets
Row 4: Wooster Scots, Hardin Simmons Cowboys
Row 5: Saint Vincent Bearcats, North Carolina Wesleyan Bishops
Row 6: Luther Norse, Pacific Lutheran Lutes
Row 7: Claremont Stags, Greenville Panthers


Row 1: Dordt Defenders, Mid America Nazerine
Row 2: Clarke Pride, Sterling Warriors
Row 3: Pileville Bears, Concordia Cardinals
Row 4: Texas College Steers, Arizona Christian Firestorm

Community Colleges:

Row 1: ASA College Avengers,  Coahoma Tigers
Row 2: East Mississippi Lions, Contra Costa Comets
Row 3:  Sacremento City Panthers, Santana Dons